The Application Deadline has past.

Audition Requirements Please submit two separate audio or video clips, one of a classical work (art song or aria) and one of a music theatre work (appropriate to your age). Prior to each piece, please clearly state your name, the date and the title of your selection. Below are the requirements and suggestions for your material.

Two Songs Your audio or video audition must include a classical work in English, Italian, German or French, and a music theater work.

Accompaniment Piano must accompany you (no a capella singing). Please make sure your voice can be heard above the accompaniment.

Length of Audition The overall length of your audition (the total of all 2 files) should be approximately 5-6 minutes.


Residential Students $1,850 – includes tuition, housing, and all meals

Non-residential (commuter) Students $1,250 – includes tuition, lunch, and dinner

Payment schedule as follows:

  • April 12 – $500 non-refundable deposit
  • May 1 – $500
  • June 1 – $850